CJ DeGuara

Host of GTK™ The Get To Know Show

CJ DeGuara is a versatile and engaging talk show host that covers a broad range of topics. With his natural charisma and curiosity, CJ draws on his diverse life experience and travels to provide a unique perspective to his role as a host.

As a skilled interviewer, CJ creates a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere for his guests, making them feel at ease and viewers entertained. His show is focused on getting to know people and what they know, covering a variety of subjects including personal and professional journeys, current events, and much more.

CJ DeGuara is also a prolific writer with a diverse range of interests. His writing has been published in numerous outlets, including business magazines in Southern Europe. 

As a seasoned traveler who has lived in multiple countries throughout his life, CJ brings a unique perspective to his writing and hosting work. He has conducted in-depth research into various topics, such as “Why Writers Write,” “Why People Start Businesses,” and “Why People Lie on Social Media,” interviewing hundreds of individuals to get the answers and present his findings.

Born and raised in the United States of America, CJ proudly calls the US his home and currently resides in Florida. Despite his unusual accent, his extensive travels, having been to over 35 countries, have given him a deep understanding of different cultures and ways of life. Outside of his work, CJ is a father, husband, and animal rights supporter who has volunteered with animal welfare organizations since his early teens. His fascinating childhood, which saw him move from rags to riches to rags and back included stints at a convent and a US Junior Reserves Naval Academy, this dichotomy has given a deep appreciation for what it takes to succeed and for those that are down on their luck. 

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