Valentine’s Day Custom Printed Photo Card

This Valentine’s Day, you have two options:

1. Give a custom-printed wallet photo card from GTKME®.

At GTKME® we love cards, they are an awesome way to express yourself and deepen connections. You totally could go with a good old paper card or you can step it up with a custom-printed wallet card. 

These cards are the same size and material as a state-issued ID, custom-printed with your photos front and back + a QR Page where you can add a special message, photos, and more.

  • Printed on the same type of plastic as a Driver’s License.
  • Simply upload two photos at checkout and we will print them on the card for you in full color.
  • Add up to 20 photos & a special message inside a GTKME QR Page.
  • Easy to use, just scan the QR code & enter the activation code.
  • You can even set the page to private by adding a password.

USE CODE: VDAY30 for 30% OFF order over $15 at

Option 2, give a boring paper card

We get it, paper cards have stood the test of time. They nearly guarantee a smile before they disappear never to be seen again. You could even get some photos printed to slip in the card for that real old-school feel.

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