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Social-Entrepreneurial-ism, Mindset & Marketing with Rachel Braun Scherl

Insights on Marketing, Advertisement , and Entrepreneurship from Rachel Braun Scherl

The Power of Marketing and Advertising in Business

Social Entrepreneurship: Balancing Purpose and Profit

CJ Deguara from GTK Show interviewed Rachel Braun Scherl, a seasoned entrepreneur and expert in marketing and advertising. In this interview, Scherl shares her insights on various topics including mindset, COVID-19, startups, and social entrepreneurship.

Marketing and Advertising Scherl highlights the importance of understanding your audience and creating marketing and advertising strategies that resonate with them. She stresses the importance of being authentic and transparent in your messaging, as consumers can quickly sense insincerity. Scherl also encourages entrepreneurs to keep up with the latest marketing trends and technology, as they can help reach new audiences and engage existing ones.

Mindset and COVID-19 According to Scherl, mindset is crucial in entrepreneurship. She emphasizes the need to remain positive and resilient, especially during difficult times such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Scherl advises entrepreneurs to stay flexible and adapt their business models to the changing market conditions.

Startups and Vagipreneur-enism Scherl offers valuable advice to aspiring entrepreneurs, including the importance of having a clear vision and purpose for their businesses. She also discusses her experience as a co-founder of Spark, a company that focuses on women’s sexual health and wellness. Scherl coined the term “vagipreneur-enism” to describe the rise of female-led startups in the health and wellness space.

Social Entrepreneurship Scherl is a strong advocate for social entrepreneurship and using business as a force for good. She believes that entrepreneurs have a responsibility to create products and services that have a positive impact on society. Scherl encourages entrepreneurs to find ways to integrate social responsibility into their business models, whether through charitable donations or sustainable practices.

In conclusion, Scherl provides valuable insights on marketing, advertising, mindset, startups, and social entrepreneurship. Her extensive experience in these fields makes her a valuable resource for anyone looking to start or grow a business.

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