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Sean Swarner a Climber & Cancer Survivor

We got to know Sean in an interview we conducted about overcoming adversity, his story is a powerful testament to the power of sheer will. An extremely interesting individual who has climbed the 7 summits, a feat that very few can claim, none however can claim to have done so as a 2x Terminal Cancer Survivor with only one functional lung. His story isn’t a story of adversity, it is a story of hope.

Sean Swarner Climbs & Redefines Impossible

If you’re looking for inspiration Sean is probably one of the best people to turn to, his list of conquering the impossible speaks for itself but his ability to inspire others to greatness is the real magic. He went from crawling through his cancer recovery to climbing Mt. Everest eventually conquering the 7 highest points on 7 continents. Never an underachiever, he also skied both poles, and completed the Hawaii Ironman. You could have asked anyone, especially a medical professional and they would have said that even a fraction of what he set out to achieve would have been impossible. Yet, here we are talking about what he has already done instead of what he can’t do. You can and should watch True North: The Sean Swarner Story on Amazon Prime

Sean Swarner a Philanthropist & Speaker

When you have an amazing story to tell and a perspective on life that can move people to greatness you have an obligation to share it. Sean fulfills this obligation and does a lot of good doing it, as a philanthropist he is involved with Origins Accessories, Cancer Climber Association and I Believe in You (IBIY), he supports many fundraisers and is an inspiration to those at the American Childhood Cancer Organization.

Sean Swarner a Transformative Entreprenuer

What is a transformative entrepreneur? Well, we decided to use the term because one of the ventures Sean Swarner has does exactly that, you could argue that what he offers through his business is an expedition or adventure but let’s be frank; each of his expeditions and adventures is much more than that. From a trip to the Serengeti or a more intense Kilimanjaro climb experience a trip with Sean and his team is going to be a transformative experience, not simply because you get to go on a journey with someone that redefines impossible but rather it is because the intention of the expedition or adventure is to be transformative.

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