Rodney Merten an Author & Screenwriter

We got to know Rodney a few years ago due to our interest in one of the books he wrote. It was a pleasure to catch up with Rodney again recently and get to know him better. Rodney is an interesting individual, his lifestyle feels idyllic for an author; quiet, peaceful yet still connected. His experience in social work prior to becoming a full-time writer provides insight into life and other’s lived experiences. Rodney has witnessed firsthand the importance of good role models in people’s lives and the difficulties faced by those without them.

Rodney Merten the Author

Rodney started his life as an author later in life, a passion and a profession he stepped into at 60. Writing however was also a part of his previous profession as a social worker. He has so far written 12 books which are currently available on Amazon. One of his books, Hitler My Father is unique in that it tells the story of a boy and his mother claiming that Hitler is the father. Certainly not a confirmed truth but an interesting and creative what-if. Other works by Rodney range from The Garden of Eatin’ to Shayla’s Clip’N’Pick, a story about an older African-American, twice-a-widow who finds herself alone and broke but goes on to start a business and find love.

Rodney Merten at Habitat for Humanity

Aside from his work as an author Rodney is dedicated as he was throughout his career to aiding others. He knows all too well the impact of not having a roof over one’s head, having seen the struggles of individuals and families while working as a social worker he has worked with Habitat for Humanity for many years, taking vacations to help build homes. He believes that people who have good houses, in good safe neighborhoods, have a much better chance of being able to step up and make something good of their lives. As we converse he shares that on average it takes $55k to put up a house that will change lives and he can’t help but think in those terms when working on movies with multi-million dollar budgets.

Rodney Enjoys Roadtrips & More

A cyclist in his quiet day-to-day life up in Shay Lake, Michigan he enjoys exploring the United States via long road trips with his wife on his motorcycle. He has taken long trips all over the United States as well as venturing up into Canada, definitely something one could have a long conversation about. He has road-tripped on four and two wheels. Rodney enjoys a quiet life, finding joy in the day-to-day, cycling by the lake, and living a peaceful life. Also, a grandfather Rodney enjoys spending time with his family and pets.

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