Robert Mallard a Georgia State House Candidate

Robert Mallard is at the time of this writing a candidate for State Representative of Georgia’s 139 district. Focused on leadership that unites Robert (a conservative) has elected to run as an independent to prioritize serving the people in his district. Robert is best introduced as man who lives in service to God, Family, and Country; a father of four who has served our country as an officer in the Armed Forces, and now has his sights set on serving by Representing Georgia.

Robert Mallard’s Leadership Experience and Perspective

A seasoned leader with experience in the armed forces as an officer, in business as an owner, and working to support young men and women as a mentor and educator in the real estate industry. Robert believes in leadership that unites to solve problems and explore opportunities. Getting to know Robert ourselves we found that he prefers to focus on what unites as opposed to the issues that cause gridlock and often serve as distractions from the good that can be done for communities. He exudes a sense of integrity, not shying away from values he holds dear while still finding ways to tackle the underlying issues benefiting people with differing views and values, consistently working towards the greater good.

Robert Mallard’s Focus for Georgia & District 139

“Georgia is my party”, his core focus is immediately evident, he wants to work for Georgia and his community, he expresses himself clearly on issues facing his constituents and prioritized running as an independent to ensure his focus is on his constituent’s needs.

Supporting the young men and women in a community with a large percentage of single-parent households he invites all leaders to step up and provide mentorship and stand as role models showing the youth the paths available to them and the support available to them. He supports parent’s rights to choose the best educational path for their children and circumstances. He also makes clear to us that he wants to ensure that the educational system does not lag behind (as it currently does) in a fast-changing world of work, acutely aware of AI, Automation, and other factors that are rapidly changing the present and future. Robert is focused on ensuring tomorrow’s workforce is equipped to win.

He is also very much focused on safety and protecting Georgian’s right to protect themselves. He points out that per capita gun ownership has not increased but gun violence has, focusing on identifying, verifying, and addressing the factors contributing to an increase in violent acts is a top priority for a man who has dedicated much of his life to defending our country.

He lists supporting our veterans, elderly, and special needs as a top priority not only through favorable legislation but also through ensuring it is easier for all to access available funds, support and programs already available. As a veteran, a son, and a father to a child with special needs he emphasizes that assistance delayed is assistance denied; it is not enough for the support to be available if it isn’t reaching those it is intended for due to red-tape and bureaucracy. He is also very supportive of faith and community leaders.

Robert Mallard on Economic Growth

A business owner himself with interests in the real estate industry and agriculture as well as experience managing multi-million dollar projects as a US Army Officer, Robert understands what businesses need to thrive. He supports reducing burdensome regulations that disadvantage smaller businesses that do not have the armies of lawyers and consultants required to navigate overzealous red tape. He also speaks from experience and studious research on how much of the overregulation is weaponized to create barriers of entry for aspiring entrepreneurs without actually protecting the consumer. His integrity shines yet again as we dig a little deeper on the topic and he provides further context making it clear that he does support meaningful regulation to protect consumers and our shared resources.

Robert Mallard the Beekeeper & Family Man

Beyond his core focus on working for his future constituents, Robert is a multifaceted person who is a pleasure to converse with. From Beekeeping to maintaining a faith-filled home with his wife Radiah and their four children Robert is an interesting person to get to know. A Bronze Star Medal, and the Samuel Sharp Award recipient for his outstanding service and leadership in combat with 17 years of service and tours in Iraq among other experiences you will find a deep well of topics to discuss with him.

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