How People Get To Know


We asked our clients: What if we put a team of experienced marketers, promoters, and influencers together to help you ‘Get Known’? Our clients said yes, and the results were great. Now that we have a proven system, we’re asking you!

Building the Best Marketing Campaigns


We’re pretty proud that our customers have voted our campaigns the best marketing campaigns of 2023, below we have listed some of the components of those campaigns.

Our team and network of individuals have mastered the art of communicating our client’s messaging. Getting someone else to tell people about you, your brand, products, or services is a powerful way to get people to know you. While customers do want to hear directly from you once they are interested in what you have to offer, they are generally more receptive when someone else introduces you. This is why all our GET KNOWN campaigns are powered by GTK CHAMPIONS that have one very simple purpose, getting people to know what you want them to know.

Our WHO THEORY™ has been developed over the past twenty years, and it is one of the core reasons for our success. This innovative framework departs from the conventional customer avatar model, aligning perfectly with today’s precision-targeting capabilities. We possess an intimate understanding of their needs, desires, and receptivity, enabling us to pinpoint the most effective channels for engagement. Our in-depth analysis of their online behaviors enables us to craft better strategies than most other marketers and deliver some of the best marketing campaigns. This strategic advantage elevates our marketing campaigns, consistently delivering superior ROI for our clients.

The art of crafting exceptional content may be challenging, but it’s our passion! Whether it’s crafting compelling articles or producing engaging videos, our team is committed to creating content that commands attention. We’re not just a traditional marketing team; at our core, we’re a media company obsessed with connecting people by empowering them to express themselves and get to know each other.  It grants us an unparalleled insight into the ever-evolving landscape of effective content creation and a deep understanding of people. Our dedicated team and extensive network of highly skilled freelancers are key to our success.

The people that you want to learn about you, your brand, products, or services, are actively discussing related topics on social media. These conversations cover various aspects, including your offerings, competitors, and similar products and services. Now, picture this: someone seamlessly joins these discussions and speaks on your behalf. If it were you doing this, it might come off as a spammy. But when our GTK champions do it, it’s simply a friendly voice sharing information about you! We leverage technology like Brandwatch and other social listening tools, alongside thorough research, to pinpoint the right conversations to engage with.

Your target audience actively participates in discussions across various online forums and platforms. These conversations encompass not only your offerings but also your competitors and similar products and services. Now, consider this scenario: a participant seamlessly enters these discussions and advocates for your brand. We employ a strategic approach that leverages the skills and expertise of our GTK champions to engage meaningfully in these conversations, ensuring your brand is represented in an authentic and valuable manner.

Search engine marketing is one of the tools in our arsenal and when paired with our WHO THEORY™ it creates a competitive advantage. Our approach revolves around truly understanding your audience, allowing us to connect with them at various stages of their journey. Moreover, thanks to our in-depth knowledge of your audience, we can pinpoint cost-effective search terms. This means your advertising budget goes further and delivers more value. GTK Marketing is a Google Partner and our partner number is: 6236717235 our team is also well-versed with Bing/Microsoft ads and other niche search engines.

Our dedicated team, along with our extensive network of social media marketing professionals, boasts many years of hands-on experience across all the major social media platforms. Moreover, we’ve cultivated expertise in some of the often-overlooked niche platforms. What sets us apart is our commitment to letting your audience guide our platform choices. We understand that the platform landscape is dynamic, and we’re quick to pivot and recommend reallocating your budget when necessary.

Our approach to handling your ad spend is grounded in the principle of responsibility. We treat your budget with the same care and diligence as we would our own. Importantly, we keep our egos in check. If a strategy isn’t delivering the expected results, we don’t hesitate to halt, regroup, engage in open discussions, and make strategic shifts to ensure your campaign achieves the desired outcomes.

They often say that the real value lies in the follow-up. Drawing from our extensive experience, we’ve found that email and SMS play pivotal roles in ensuring that people genuinely absorb the information you want them to know. Lead nurturing is seamlessly integrated into the majority of the GET KNOWN campaigns we execute, and it’s a compelling reason why our clients overwhelmingly selected our marketing campaigns as the best of 2023.

At the end of the campaign, we provide you with all the leads, so that you can further develop the relationships and use them in future marketing efforts. Should you require assistance in setting up or fine-tuning your email and SMS marketing system, our dedicated team at is always ready to lend a helping hand.


Our customers are amazing at what they do, we love working with them and appreciate the opportunities they have given us to help them Get Known and deliver massive value to so many people. We are obsessed with delivering the best marketing campaigns in 2023 and for many years to come, driven to match our client’s commitment to excellence.

We’re Here To Help You Get Known!

We value: Individuality, Self-Expression & Connection