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Covid-19 Perspective. You cannot lose what you don’t have.

Don’t hate me, for what I’m about to say. Like many of you, Covid-19 is taking a toll on my normal. I want to curl up and wallow in self-pity. I tried that but I’ve faced adversity before. You have also faced adversity.

Fear of loss is real. Panic, worry, concern, and fear. Yet then it struck me. You might not like what I’m about to say. If you had nothing to lose, then you would not panic. If you had no freedom. If I had no freedom. If I had no possessions. If I had no friends and no loved ones; no family. If I had nothing I wouldn’t be worried.

No, I’m not saying you should have nothing.

What I am saying is, we have something. We have something worth fighting for. We have so much worth staying in the game for. Now more than ever, we need to rise. This is not a time for panic. If anything this is a reminder of what we have. A time for gratitude for all the things we don’t want to lose.

Covid-19 A perspective-shift opportunity. A normal worth fighting for.

Don’t think that I am the unaffected preaching. I am also hit, hard. Yet, I hope I can give you what I have found. I quickly realized that every little thing I’m worried about, all the panic, stress and anxiety; is all due to the fact that I have. I have freedom and opportunity. I have possessions to lose. I have loved ones and friends.

Until I have nothing, I have something.

Every little thing I’m worried about is something that I have to lose. Much of what I have, yes even my imagined future. I will not lose that. I will have more of it. For as long as my heart still beats, I have hope. This to shall pass. As I move forward, I do so full of gratitude. Every little thing, I’m worried about is something I have or had.

You had so much more than you thought you did.

I had so much more than I thought I did. I’ve been walking this world blind. Oh, I had gratitude, lots of it. I just didn’t realize there was so much to be grateful for. Now as I worry, I realize there is much to be thankful for.

I’m digging deeper, wondering what total loss would look like. What if I really lost everything? What if I even lost hope? Hope is worth fighting for. Freedom is worth fighting for. All these things I don’t want to lose. It is only because I have or had them.

Everything you’re worried about is something to be grateful for.

Even if you can only cling on to it for a few weeks. The tides will change, things will get better. This can be the moment that breaks us, or it can be the moment that shapes us. We can lose all hope or maybe, just maybe, we can have a true-perspective-shift.

All I say, I say with love. I say it from the heart. I say it to myself as I say it to you. I am grateful for all that I am scared to lose.

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