Charles DeGuara Knows People

The ever-curious founder of GTK™ & GTKME® Charles is someone with a keen interest in understanding people and helping them connect in meaningful ways. From a presidential candidate to a mechanic’s apprentice everyone has a story worth knowing and Charles is dedicated to sharing it with others.

Charles DeGuara Career and Business

Charles started his journey in a family-owned food manufacturing business working in Sales & Marketing from 2002 to 2005, always drawn to business he owned and operated several micro-businesses and side hustles while exploring a career in IT. In 2009 he left his role as a Microsoft OEM Licensing Representative to establish what would later become the IPOP Network, a media and marketing business. He co-produced and hosted the TV Show TekTiek, a 13-episode series focused on Technology that aired on National TV in Malta, Europe. At IPOP Network he was the Editor-in-chief of multiple niche publications covering a broad array of topics including Local Businesses, Destinations, Fertility, Animals, and Authors. Today he is dedicated exclusively to his vision for GTK™ & GTKME®.

Charles DeGuara Cares About

Charles cares about individuality, self-expression, and people forming meaningful connections. His stance on individuality goes beyond a person’s right to embrace and define their own identity; he advocates against minimizing individuals through the applications of labels such as race, gender, faith, ethnicity or any other label that when used exclusively to describe an individual rob them of their unique identity. “It is one thing to describe a person’s attributes and it is quite another thing to minimize a person’s identity to a single attribute.”

Charles cares about animals, having spent many years as a volunteer working in animal shelters, raising funds, and sponsoring various organizations he values people who dedicate their time, money, and voice to protecting animals. He has a special place in his heart for dogs with troubled pasts that need patience, having worked with many himself to save them from euthanization after having suffered the cruelty that caused them to become reactively aggressive.

Like many of us, Charles cares about many things; other top causes he cares about are those relating to children and environmental issues that impact all of us earthlings.

Charles DeGuara in Marketing & Publishing

Since 2009 Charles has worked predominantly in marketing and publishing, working as Editor-in-Chief for publications like GTK™, Author’s Promoter, Dreaming of Baby, All Malta Online and other Publications as well as providing content marketing services for notable multinational brands like Monsoon Accessorize, Iceland, Natuzzi, EBOOST and others content he has been involved in producing has reached millions of individuals around the world.

As the head of two marketing agencies that have served over 1,000 clients, he has worked in various industries and has considerable experience in assisting brands locally, nationally, and internationally. He has also worked as a consultant for multinational brands helping them expand into new markets like the EMEA region. He is hands-on, keeping his fingers on the pulse of emerging marketing technologies, with a keen interest in AI and how it will change the landscape, he is quick to point out that “no matter the tool or the platform, people are the ones who have the final say”.

Charles DeGuara’s Blog

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