Carmen Rice a Georgia Republican Candidate

Carmen Rice is currently running for a House seat in Georgia’s 139th district. With prior experience as the chair of the Muscogee County Republican Party, she has demonstrated her dedication to public service. As a mother of four children who have been homeschooled, attended public, and private schools, Carmen advocates for parents’ rights to choose the best educational path for their children. Having been a foster parent, she is committed to reforming the foster and adoption care system. Carmen is clear in her support for law enforcement and ensuring public safety.

Carmen Rice on Trump’s Indictment in April 2023

As reported by local news outlet, she stated, “My response is this indictment has exposed that a Soros-funded D.A. is following through on a campaign promise, and that campaign promise has taken precedence in his job. Rather than focus on the crimes that are happening in New York City, he has chosen to focus on Donald Trump and find crimes that fit.” She goes on to express, “it was part of this D.A.’s job to charge him, to try to remove him from being a candidate in the 2024 election.”

A strong defender of Donald Trump, she is committed to ensuring that the judiciary is not weaponized and stands united with others in ensuring it isn’t.

Carmen Rice Georgia 139 District Campaign Run

Carmen Rice’s campaign for Georgia’s 139th District emphasizes several key issues, including School Choice, Foster Care & Adoption Reform, Pro-2nd Amendment, Community Growth & Safety, as well as infrastructure and improved transportation. However, specific details regarding her proposed changes and improvements are currently limited. We will aim to update this profile with more information as it becomes available.

Prior to her role as Chair of the Muscogee County Republican Party, limited information is available about Carmen Rice’s professional background. News sources have suggested a background in human resources.


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