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Brown Charite a Revenue Growth & Entrepreneurship Expert

It is my personal pleasure to introduce Brown Charite, a personal friend, past (& future) client and all-around amazing human being. A faith-filled individual with respect for people from all walks of life and faith, a truly caring individual who works to lift others up every chance he gets. A seasoned entrepreneur that grew a business he co-founded from a small home-based two-person business to a multi-award-winning multi-brand business in the beauty industry employing hundreds of individuals in the years they have been in operation. Having exited the business he is now focused on new challenges, especially working with other entrepreneurs to help them emulate his own success.

Brown Charite in the Beauty & Wedding Industry

Brown knows the beauty and wedding industry in Central Florida like the back of his hand, having entered the industry in 2009 he is well connected in the space and a treasure trove of information and insights. Like many entrepreneurs Brown has worn many hats and been involved in various areas of the businesses he has operated but if you want to see some magic that will make you feel like you stepped into a whole other world where the limitations you believe in cease to exist; then you must watch him work on revenue growth. A Master in the space, from building systems and processes to developing new talent and team cohesiveness he is excellent at what he does.

Brown Charite Faith & Family

A loving father, when he’s not hard at work you’ll likely find him stepping on a Lego block like many other engaged fathers. He is also a man of faith, he is phenomenal at interpreting and applying the teachings from his faith in relationships and business. He is extremely respectful of other people’s faith which is refreshing and makes conversations with him about faith pleasant and instructive. Getting to know Brown is an easy and pleasant experience, he is kind and always willing to help others and encourages them to maximize their potential which is also evident in his parenting style.

Brown Charite in the Community

A well-networked individual Brown places value in being involved in many organizations and getting to know new people while staying in touch with existing connections. From his work with NAWB to being a member of BNI as well as multiple social clubs, faith-based organizations, and a frequent attendee at industry events, as well as business and personal growth events. He is also frequently a guest speaker on a broad variety of topics he is well versed in.

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