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Brielle Cotterman a Publicity Expert

Brielle Cotterman is an extremely interesting individual, an experienced Publicity Expert with a list of prominent clients present and past. A TEDx speaker and notably a domestic abuse survivor turned activist and advocate for others, she believes that embracing your story and presenting it authentically is one of the most important elements of unlocking the power of a personal brand to do good.

Brielle Cotterman Domestic Abuse Survivor

As a young woman, Brielle survived a brutal attack by her husband, who discharged his gun 8 times prior to taking his own life. You can read more about the incident in 2013 WLKY news article, Miraculously, Brielle survived the attack and spent months recovering from her injuries and the ordeal. Instead of letting her trauma define her, Brielle chose to embrace her story and use it as a platform to inspire others. She has since become an advocate for domestic violence survivors and speaks out about the importance of recognizing the signs of abuse and getting help. Brielle also encourages people to embrace their own stories, no matter how difficult or painful they may be, and use them to connect with others and create positive change.

Brielle Cotterman an Advocate & Activist

Brielle began to speak publicly about her experience with domestic violence and advocate for survivors. She has since become a sought-after speaker, sharing her story and insights on stages around the world. She has been featured on multiple publications, podcasts, and media outlets.

Brielle Cotterman a World’s Grand Champion Equestrian

Apart from her amazing work in publicity and work as an activist Brielle is a World’s Grand Champion Equestrian, her love for animals and horses especially is evident in our interview with her. The beautiful art by Jeaneen Barnhart featuring a horse in motion catches our eye as do other elements like a beautiful carving. Other splendid photos of her and her children with their family pets make us feel a kindred spirit to Brielle. raised on a gentleman’s farm in Indiana. Other fund details, Brielle is a second-generation horsewoman, and she had her first Saddlebred horse as a small child, at eight years of age she had already started showing horses.

Brielle Cotterman an Entrepreneur

President of Brielle Cotterman Media as well as having other interests she is always one step ahead in her industry. Her core focus is helping entrepreneurs with a cause step onto the world’s stage, share their story, and impact the world while also improving their bottom line. Like us Brielle knows that being known is critical in today’s world more than ever. You can learn more about her business Brielle Cotterman Media where entrepreneurs, advocates & executives get the publicity they need to change the world forever.

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